Vita Coco® approached us for help with the launch of Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil, the brand’s latest product to be released in the UK. We were tasked with processing and packaging approximately 250,000 units of the product upon its arrival in the UK at our multi-purpose site in Nottinghamshire.

Vita Coco® is the leading coconut water brand in the UK and the domestic market for this product is rapidly increasing, with annual sales currently being estimated at £100 million.

Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil is the brand’s first non-beverage product and is expected to be popular with consumers who are eager to benefit from the health benefits of coconuts.

The first process was returning the cold pressed oil from the Philippines to its original liquid state after transportation. To achieve this, the oil was gently melted for 10 hours at temperatures up to 30°C to achieve the optimum viscosity for filling without compromising the cold pressed status of the product.

“We’ve delivered a finished range that should become a food essential for health-savvy consumers over the next few years. The Vita Coco brand emphasizes quality at every level. It’s now moving into the fast-growing market for coconut oil and we’re pleased to be able to support this increasingly global brand.” (Ben Guy)

Vita Coco’s preference for a coconut oil of organic origin meant that we needed to become accredited by Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd before undertaking the packaging of the product. With this in place, the organic coconut oil was bottled into UK sourced jars with ‘lollipop’ security seal labels by Phoenix’s packaging service on the same Nottinghamshire site. The jars ranged from glass jars of 250ml and 500ml, to a larger 750ml plastic jar.

In addition, Vita Coco was one of our first customers to begin using our new suite of apps for stock and production reporting, with its own bespoke customer login portal developed specially.

The three sizes of Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil are retailed on Amazon and in Tesco, as well as at Whole Foods Markets in the south east of the UK.