In an industry still overwhelmingly paper-based, our technology allows you to keep track of your production figures and stock levels. Our client portal lets you log-in securely to carry out quality control checks and track the progress of your manufacturing as it happens, through smartphone, PC or tablet. Our services can also be customised to suit your own internal processes.

Choosing to make us your smart factory lets your team review up-to-the-minute data about your orders and stock, making our service to you efficient and transparent. Instead of relying on paper copies to spot issues, our team now uses digital exception reporting to flag up potential production problems, letting us deal with anything quickly to keep the lines moving and standards high.

Contrary to the rest of the industry which has been slow to adapt, our senior team was involved in developing this software from the start to deliver app technology that makes supply chains smoother and supplier-customer relationships stronger. Our ‘Production Reporting’ app lets us take and store large numbers of photos, providing visual evidence of production and quality control checks. The ‘Warehousing’ app lets us carry out full internal auditing for stock control systems.